About Us (Who We Are)


Who We Are

Our Leadership team has 60+ years of experience in government, defense, and private enterprise…leading and advising a wide variety of organizations providing services and exports both domestic and international. KI’s Trade Compliance team has 35 years of experience in providing government regulatory compliance matters, experience as a Corporate Ethics Official, Built, taught, and maintained export control programs for several multi-national firms, experience managing multiple international programs simultaneously. ADD More knowledge and expertise and compliance in overseeing, responsibility in managing and educating our customers.

Our History/Established

KI was established in 200?

  • Consulting services, team work, collaboration and commitment to our customer
  • We understand our customer
  • Navigate complex international/global with strategic and innovative service to customer
  • Global partnerships with foreign Governments , (secondee services) etc.

Our Goal

KI’s Team


  • Our experience with customer-specific knowledge can help you mitigate risk by developing a management program to improve cost-effectiveness and streamline operations across your business’s operations.


  • Take the first steps to secure your compliance and prevent unnecessary headaches so you and your employees can focus on your business. Our consultancy services work well for companies of all sizes.


  • Explain how our strategic thinking/ transparent and compliant thinking will adhere to the customers success.
  • Explain that KI understand that each customer has its own unique structure and we will work with a designated process  designed to fit the customers specific requirements.

Our Team

KI ‘s  Commitment to our customer

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For large-scale projects, KI has available a network of experts to provide additional bandwidth (Darren for Attorney experience).

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