How can Knowledge International help your business succeed?

International Trade Controls and Export Compliance

KI provides tailored export compliance expertise and management through individual, project-based agreements for our clients as a broker and exporter registered with the US Government for all transactions

  • Reduces program risk for the importing country
  • Reduces risk for the exporting companies
  • Reduces Cost of Services for End User

KI develops cost-effective risk-based compliance programs tailored to an organization

  • KI’s programs have “built-in” Compliance Audits
  • Measure effectiveness of policies and procedures
  • Assess the efficiency of export control resources

Global Solutions and Consulting

Our consulting solutions provide a responsible and agile partner to facilitate opportunities through:

  • Business infrastructure enhancement
  • Established long-term business relationships with U.S. and International based Contractors
  • Match growth strategies with end-user requirements