Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Knowledge International (KI) exports close to $500 Million annually in defense services and products. We specialize not just in providing the services but also the sustained transfer of knowledge.

Headquartered in the DC metro area, KI is very engaged with the Department of State and Department of Defense in the approval of multiple authorizations. We take pride in our open and transparent business practices and value our USG guidance and policy advice to focus our efforts.

We have over 400 US persons providing a wide range of services from Flight Training, Air Traffic Control Services, aircraft maintenance, tactical and strategic CONOP development, assessments and mentoring. Our branch office in Abu Dhabi provides a face forward contact with our customers as well as International Trade Controls.

KI, as an exporter and broker, also provides a wide range of services related to defense articles (to include aircraft and land system integration). We support our affiliate companies not only in defense related business but also in medical, IT, and an array of logistic services in the United Arab Emirates and MENA region.

Our recruiting section is always looking for high quality professionals interested in a wide variety of career opportunities in Abu Dhabi.